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Smoky Orange Oolong - Loose Leaf Tea - 50g

Smoky Orange Oolong - Loose Leaf Tea - 50g

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Smoky Orange Oolong is a harmonious fusion of Wuyi Rock dark oolong tea, zesty orange peel, delicate sunflower petals, and the invigorating essence of citrus.

Indulge in the perfect union of earthiness and vibrancy – a sip that's reminiscent of a sun-kissed sunset. This blend is your companion on cozy evenings by the fire, a comforting cup that welcomes a touch of tranquility.

Savor it as a soothing hot tea or let it chill into a refreshing iced brew on warmer days. Smoky Orange Oolong is a symphony of flavors, capturing the essence of a moment, and inviting you to experience the beauty of tea in every sip.

Wuyi Rock oolong, also known as "Yancha" or "Rock Tea," hails from the Wuyi Mountains in China and is renowned for its unique and complex flavor profile. Wuyi Rock oolong undergo a level of roasting during processing. This imparts flavors of toastiness, caramelization, even hints of cocoa or coffee, providing depth and warmth to the tea. The tea develops a natural sweetness reminiscent of honey or brown sugar. This sweetness counterbalances the toasty and mineral elements.


Dark Oolong Tea* (Camellia Sinensis), orange peel*, sunflower petals, natural essences (*organic)


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