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New Arrivals!

TEA 101

Did you know black tea and green tea come from the same plant? Honest,they do! Do you know which water temp brings out the best flavour for your green tea? Hint: it's not boiling! Did you know herbal teas are not actually teas? Say what?!?

Let's share some tea and laughs while learning a bit about where tea comes from, the differences between the 5 main tea types, how tea is processed, proper steeping for best flavour, & more!

Tea, snacks & laughs included in ticket price!

Pre-reigistration required.

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Let Us Brew For You

Come for a plant, stay for a coffee!

Our Micro-Cafe is now open.

Along with steeping from Vicki's Cuppa' Tea collection, we're proud to be brewing Las Chicas del Cafe on the Chemex & French Press.

Also serving iced coffee, signature drinks, treats & more!