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New Arrivals!

Let Us Brew For You

Come for a plant, stay for a coffee!

Our Micro-Cafe is now open.

Proud to be brewing Las Chicas del Cafe on the Chemex & French Press.

Also serving iced coffee, signature drinks, treats & more!

Effortless Gardening

Healthy eating at home made easier!

We are proud to be an approved seller of Tower Garden® researched-backed aeroponic garden systems for your home.

  • Tower to table fresh produce year round
  • Vertical growing requires 90% less space
  • No weeding or bending
  • 98% less water than traditional gardening
  • Outdoor or Indoor (with indoor grow lights)

Click 'Learn more' to review the research and information, and purchase your complete Tower Garden system to get growing!
Note: Link will take you to our Tower Garden® official site.

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