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Hojicha Matcha - Loose Leaf Tea - 40g

Hojicha Matcha - Loose Leaf Tea - 40g

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Roasted green tea with full-bodied character and toasty caramel and cinnamon-like notes.

Hojicha is derived from a Japanese verb that means "to roast", which alludes to the particular processing method that distinguishes it from other Japanese green teas. Hojicha deviates from the traditional steaming process and is made by roasting green tea leaves. The roasting process turns the tea leaves a light reddish-brown color and creates a unique umami flavor. The tea is smooth and naturally sweet, with nutty and earthy undertones. The earthy sweetness is reminiscent of cocoa, caramel, and cinnamon flavors. Any bitterness commonly found in green tea is removed when the tea leaves are roasted.

This non-traditional matcha powder is made by taking the Hojicha and grinding it in a matcha mill. In its powdered form, the leaves themselves are fully consumed when brewed, helping your body maximize the antioxidant and nutrient benefits. Hojicha also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which is said to help with relaxation and stress relief. This works in conjunction with the low levels of caffeine to help give you a stabilized energy boost. It can increase energy levels and boost mental capacity without the jittery effect that can occur when too much caffeine is consumed. This makes Hojicha Matcha a perfect all-day drink.

This versatile tea powder can be served hot or cold, it dissolves to create rich and creamy lattes, it blends into smoothies or workout shakes, it whips into fresh ice cream, and bakes well into tea infused desserts. Froth up a cup today and Hojicha Matcha will become your new favorite alternative-tea.

Ingredients: Matcha (powdered green tea)

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