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Sweet Blue Raspberry Matcha - 40g

Sweet Blue Raspberry Matcha - 40g

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Sweet and juicy raspberry flavor with a bright blue twist of color.

Raspberries are red. Fact. So, what's up with blue raspberry then? According to foodie lore, the idea for blue raspberry flavour was hatched in 1958 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Legend maintains that a food processing company in that city, looking to separate their products from the rest of the pack, coloured raspberry juice, evidently to great acclaim. (I mean, here we are talking about it today.)

The bright blue food colouring they used to create blue raspberry was Brilliant Blue FCF - not the most natural of food additives. Thankfully, to create our version of this indelible delight - Sweet Blue Raspberry Matcha - we've taken a turn for the better, naturally. Specifically, in keeping with the spirit of innovation and helping this Sweet Matcha stand out from the rest, we've blended this one with Butterfly blue pea flowers, known for their ability to turn boiled water blue. To this we've added freeze dried raspberry pieces along with a dash of flavoring to create a deliciously sweet and playfully blue concoction suitable for sipping all day.

Sweet Blue Raspberry Matcha is sure to capture the attention of your customers, the same way blue raspberry did the good people of Cincinnati, way back when. Cheers.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, Butterfly blue pea flower, Green tea, Raspberry, Natural + artificial flavors.

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