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Peperomia Columella - 5cm/2.5in.

Peperomia Columella - 5cm/2.5in.

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Peperomia columella is commonly known as columnar peperomia. A native of Peru and belonging to the Piperaceae family, this houseplant has snake-like shoots. The leaves are green & fleshy and look like a horseshoe. The foliage almost hides the stems of the succulent. In its initial years, the plant grows upright but later starts to curl like a pendant with a total length of 8 inches. The flowers bloom in spring but that’s quite occasional. The light green blooms are as peculiar as they are tail-like. This winter-dormant plant is slow-growing and requires filtered sunlight for happy growth.

One essential thing about Peperomia columella care is that it loves moist soil but cannot tolerate overwatering. It requires deep watering and the overhead watering method works the best for this succulent.

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