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Kenyan Earl Grey (pesticide-free) - Loose Leaf Tea - 50g

Kenyan Earl Grey (pesticide-free) - Loose Leaf Tea - 50g

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Kenyan black tea leaves are blended with premium, cold-pressed bergamot oil, resulting in a beautifully unique Earl Grey. Rich citrus notes and ripe Kenyan stone fruits produce a pleasantly round, robust and clean cup.

Ingredients: Black tea (pesticide-free), cold-pressed bergamot oil. Non-GMO Verified, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade Alliance.

Teas of Kenya are bright and robust for nice bold and malty cup, but also more forgiving than other black teas for the ‘lazy steeper’, delivering pleasant astringency with less tendency to grow bitter. Since the terrior of Kenya is not prone to insects, pesticides are unnecessary. Our Kenyan teas are verified pesticide-free.

beTeas is extremely proud to be partners with JusTea, direct importers from small scale farmers in Kenya. In contrast to the standard industry model, here farmers are actively involved in all aspects of creating and selling their product. This has a profound effect on resulting farmers wages, as well as the product in our cup: farmers earn approximately 2.5x more than in the traditional factory supply chain model. No longer forced to machine process quicker, cheaper bulk tea for tea bags, these farmers lovingly process a whole-leaf, hand-made product they are proud of and are invested in constant improvement of their craft (I was surprised to learn that under the traditional model, a majority of workers on conventional Kenyan farms, have never tasted the tea they labour to produce!).


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