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Ficus Elastica Belize - 12cm/5in

Ficus Elastica Belize - 12cm/5in

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To keep your ficus happy, make sure it gets bright indirect light (lots of it!) and never gets overwatered. You can water your ficus once it has dried out quite a bit, as it's better to underwater than overwater these plants.

Use a chopstick to make sure the soil is dry about 1/2 way down your pot, or at least 1/3. Water thoroughly, allowing water to come out the bottom drainage, then sit to drain completely in a sink or tub or even outside in mild weather. Then put back where it lives. If you can't move the plant, water over a tray and empty the tray so it never sits in water.

An overwatered ficus will have brown spots on leaves and will often drop lower leaves as well. If you have dry, brown edges, increase humidity.

For new growth, spritz the bright new leaves to keep the humidity up. You can spritz the whole plant as well, just being sure that water doesn't sit on the leaves too much. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe your leaves and keep dust off a couple times a month.

When you bring your ficus home, there will be an adjustment period. Ficus don't like to move, so give it time to bounce back if it seems moody.

Ficus want to be left alone, so once you find it a happy spot in your home, leave it be! This one doesn't love to be bumped or touched or moved. Just sit back and enjoy!
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