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Arabica Typica - Whole Bean Coffee - 340g

Arabica Typica - Whole Bean Coffee - 340g

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Introducing the 2021 harvest of Arabica Typica.

One of the most culturally and genetically important C. arabica coffees in the world.  This tiny micro-lot comes from the area of El Castillo in Las Sabanas, Nicaragua.

An original heirloom to Nicaragua, the re-introduction of Arabica Typica plantations by our growers, Mr. Orlando Hoyes, has been a highly anticipated journey. After 13 years of crop renovations the coffee trees have produced enough cherries to prepare this micro-lot.

Joining our other varietals, alas, this year’s harvest brings a pleasant sweetness and spectacular body to our table and we hope it has the chance to reach yours.  Roasted to a light-medium profile, the star of this coffee is its candied fruit and creamy body

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